EXANTE and SEC: some relevant facts

EXANTE never breaks crucial rules. In particular, it meets the requirements of the SEC financial regulator.

EXANTE and SEC: compliance with the requirements

EXANTE appears to be an international stock market broker. At the moment, it’s one of the main exchanges in the CIS market, gradually conquering the European and Asian financial markets. The company was founded in 2011. Among their regulators, there are such organizations as MFSA, FCA, SFC (HK).          

The company has created a single trading platform, ATP EXANTE, supporting all areas of trading. It enables traders to conveniently work with all assets. The trading terminal supports over 50 million financial instruments. The functioning of the platform is backed by 300 computing servers.

Crucial facts about EXANTE and  SEC

EXANTE broker boasts a good reputation. It’s backed by the fact that the broker complies with the regulations of the SEC watchdog. 

History of EXANTE

The broker has become one of the leaders of the industry thanks to the great experience and professionalism of its creators. One can hardly imagine the creation of the company without such bright specialists as Alexey Kirienko, Anatoly Knyazev, Vladimir Maslyakov, and Gatis Eglitis.

Feedback from investors and traders is mostly positive. The platform is constantly updated. The company constantly implements new technologies to respond to new challenges in trading.

The major features of the ATP EXANTE trading platform

The trading platform is available in two versions: a browser version and a desktop one. These are the main features of the terminal:

·         The platform supports up to 6 languages.

·         150,000 instruments are available for trading.

·         More than 50 exchanges and platforms are supported.

·         Traders can use the Drag’n’Drop function.

Demo trading with EXANTE

Opening a temporary account with limited functionality is a great advantage for any novice trader because it gives you an excellent opportunity to see how trading on the platform is going on and how currency and stocks are sold in real time.

Markets, fees, and financial instruments of the broker

The company charges low fees. For instance, a deal on the domestic stock market is subject to a 0.02% commission. Moreover, deals on the NYSE and NASDAQ come with the commission $0.02 per share. These are the most affordable options. Other markets are more expensive. As for futures, they cost $1.5 per transaction. All current fees are listed on the broker’s official website.

The broker operates in all key markets. The following financial instruments are presented:

·         500 types of futures;

·         10,000 types of shares;

·         14 types of digital coins;

·         50 currency pairs;

·         5.200 funds;

·         200 types of bonds;

·         6,000 types of options;

·         Commodities.

The maximum commission is charged for US exchanges – it amounts to $0.02 per share. For Europe and Asia, this fee is 0.05% of the transaction.

It’s the only broker that makes all altcoins and bitcoin futures available on one multicurrency account, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Among other financial instruments, the broker also issues bonds at a low price. The time to issue a new bond usually does not exceed 2.5 months.

The key advantages of the trading platform

The reason for the growing popularity of the broker is the availability of a unique, universal trading platform. It provides quick interaction and has an intuitive user interface. When developing the platform, the broker focused on the speed of user interaction and support for the maximum number of financial instruments.

The platform interface is built on a modular structure. So the user can conveniently drag and drop windows, tabs, and modules. Modules can be closed and opened as when required and moved with one click. The platform provides unlimited opportunities for customization.

Anybody is amazed by the indisputable advantages of the EXANTE trading platform:

·         The striking speed of work;

·         Access to 150,000 financial instruments from one account;

·         The ability to work from any device: a personal computer or smartphone with any operating system;

·         An intuitive user-interface;

·         A possibility to choose between a manual mode and an automatic one;

·         A flexible option board;

·         Suitable technical indicators;

·         Algorithmic trading.

Users can view transaction histories by personally setting corresponding filters. The same is true for charts.

The work of the trading platform is user-oriented. It comes with special protection of the financial assets of investors. The developer has implemented modern security technologies.

For the greater convenience of users, there is a multilingual technical support service. Users can also take advantage of automated trading. As you see, the broker has everything required to please the most demanding clients.