Trade currencies with EXANTE and Kirienko

Being an investor has nothing to do with gambling. From this review, you will learn some crucial facts that will help you to work with the EXANTE broker.

Choosing between Forex brokers and dealing centers

If you are eager to earn in the financial markets, you need to be aware of some facts regarding this industry. For private investors or traders, the very opportunity to enter the market and earn money is given by official dealing centers with a corresponding license from the Central Bank. However, in case of Forex brokers, you are not immune fraud schemes. However, you don’t need to worry when dealing with EXANTE co-founded by Alexey Kirienko because this broker complies with the regulations of the SEC watchdog.

Private traders can take advantage of the so-called leverage. For example, you enter the market with $2,000 (with a minimum deposit of $100,000) and the dealer provides you with a leverage of 1:50. As a result, your initial capital grows 50 times to the required minimum amount of $100,000. With this amount, you can already start trading on the international currency market, and respectively your earnings will be much more significant. After the transaction is completed, the dealer takes the funds provided, and the trader takes the difference except for the commission paid to the dealer.

Train hard to earn with the EXANTE broker

Despite the Forex market offers a fantastic potential to make big money, the risks are high too. So, to earn money on a regular basis this way, you need to undergo training.

If you don’t have much time to delve into all the nuances of trading on the market on your own, then you can trust the most successful traders and simply copy their transactions for a certain fee.

If you do not know anything about the Forex market, you are welcome to visit the official website of the brokerage company established by Kirienko. Here you will find all the necessary training materials. During the training process, you need to listen to the recommendations of your tutors. Copying trades of successful traders is also possible but greater attention should be paid to how correctly a particular trader analyzes the market. This education will help you to understand how to make money in the Forex market.

Making the most of trading robots

When you become a trader, you can develop a unique trading strategy capable of bringing you a significant income. Now you can shift to the next stage. So, you are expected to create a trading robot that can be used solely for your own needs or to sell its service to other traders. Yes, there’s a strong temptation to become a guru.

You can take the capital of investors and for a certain percentage of profits manage other people’s funds in the market. However, in order to understand how to make money in the Forex market by managing other people’s capital, you need to be a fairly experienced trader. To do this, you must have a solid reputation in the market and prove your reputation as a trader and manager.

Benefiting from unique strategies

The market can be successfully analyzed. Therefore, it’s necessary to master the methods of technical and fundamental analysis. However, a deep understanding of the market comes only with experience. You should practice your knowledge on a real-money account, constantly analyzing the movement of quotes. Then, making efforts and gaining all the necessary experience, you will understand how a particular asset behaves in the market and how to benefit from this.  

There are many worthy analysis tools and trading strategies. There are also money management rules, methods to minimize possible risks, and the principles of the psychology of trade. Having studied them, you can get down to practicing them with EXANTE.  You will finally find the answer to the question “Is it possible to make decent money online?”

Use the most effective EXANTE trading platform

If you have already viewed EXANTE broker reviews, you should know that traders generally appreciate the major tool offered by the broker – its cutting-edge trading terminal. By the way, the broker didn’t hire anybody to develop this software. The company managed to create this platform on its own that proves the high intellectual potential of the broker and how seriously it approaches its customers.

On this platform, you can trade a wide choice of financial instruments, ranging from conventional currency pairs to popular digital coins. The great convenience of use is ensured by the Drag-n-Drop feature. It enables you to easily manage the terminal’s windows, creating the desired working space. You can hardly find a better solution in terms of customization in other companies. 

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